Faith Maid is dedicated to provide Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) who last. We provide sincere personable service, always ready to assist and render advice whenever needed.

This is what we can do for you:

1. Placement of New FDW who have not worked in Singapore before
2. Placement of Transfer FDWs who are currently working in Singapore
3. Placement of FDWs who have previously worked in Singapore but are currently in Indonesia
4. Work permit Applications and Cancellations
5. Renewal of Work Permit
6. Renewal of Passport
7. Maid Repatriation
8. Assistance in Medical Checkups
9. Purchase of Insurance and Banker’s Guarantee
10. Home leave processing and ticketing
11. Applications for home leave and renewal of permit
12. Direct Hire Documentations
13. Maid Refresher Training
14. Maid Adjustment Sessions
15. Infant Care Training
16. Child Care Training
17. Elderly Care Training
18. Employer Orientation Consultation – providing employers information on hiring of Indonesian maids, especially helpful for Employers who are hiring
Indonesian FDW for the first time.
19. Reliable consultants to advice you and meet your needs


Training Courses

After Placement Follow-Up Programme Employer Orientation Consultation Settling-In Sessions
Infant & Child Care Training Refresher Training Elderly Care Training