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Established in 2013, Faith Maid was started by an Indonesian-born owner who felt deeply for under privileged village girls and ladies in Indonesia and wanted to provide Faith, Hope and work opportunities for them so that they and their families can enjoy a better life.

A natural entrepreneur, Oei seizes business opportunities as they arise. Her next business venture – Faith Maid Agency – fills the demand for foreign domestic workers from Indonesia, Myanmar and the Philippines in Singapore homes. As a new player in the industry, Oei initially faced a steep learning curve in complying with complex manpower regulations.


Faith Maid has also been part of accredited memberships and received awards such as Singapore Golden Brand Award 2015.

"Your Achievements Light The Path For Excellence In Singapore And Beyond" event was graced by:
Royal Family of Indonesia Medan

Royal Family of Indonesia Medan


Faith Maid is dedicated to provide Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) who last. We provide sincere personable service, always ready to assist and render advice whenever needed.

This is what we can do for you:

  1. Placement of New FDW who have not worked in Singapore before
  2. Placement of Transfer FDWs who are currently working in Singapore
  3. Placement of FDWs who have previously worked in Singapore but are currently in Indonesia
  4. Work permit Applications and Cancellations
  5. Renewal of Work Permit
  6. Renewal of Passport
  7. Maid Repatriation
  8. Assistance in Medical Checkups
  9. Purchase of Insurance and Banker's Guarantee
  10. Home leave processing and ticketing
  11. Applications for home leave and renewal of permit
  12. Direct Hire Documentations
  13. Maid Refresher Training
  14. Maid Adjustment Sessions
  15. Infant Care Training
  16. Child Care Training
  17. Elderly Care Training
  18. Employer Orientation Consultation – providing employers information on hiring of Indonesian maids, especially helpful for Employers who are hiring Indonesian FDW for the first time
  19. Counseling for foreign domestic worker
  20. Reliable consultants to advice you and meet your needs


Video Testimonials
Written Testimonials
  • I want thank Faith Maid Agency for the wonderful customer service that you continue to provide to me each and every time i call regarding getting a maid for my mum. They were very helpful and accommodating with all my questions and they help me to secure a good maid for mum.
    Mr Chan, Guillermard
  • Faith Maid Agency is very sincere to customers and helpful and they have professionalism and wonderful customer services.
    Mdm Lynn, Ang Mo Kio
  • Good customer service and friendliness is why I chose Faith Maid Agency. They were helpful and carefully select the maid that match my criteria and I am very happy with their service.
    Madlene, Yio Chu Kang
  • I happy with the service I find when I interact with faith maid agency. The staff in there respond to my enquiry almost immediately and address problems very effectively. They are very easy to work and seem to appreciate their customers.
    Lydia, Tampines
Portrait of Oei Aisoen

Oei Aisoen

A single mother of a teenage girl, a serial entrepreneur and the founder of several businesses. The key to my journey in juggling these seemingly opposing worlds has been the rich network of contacts I have built up over the years – contacts that support me in my personal and business life.

I share my journey from struggling single mum to successful, globally-connected serial entrepreneur, and how my expanding network increased my net worth.

My mission is to inspire budding entrepreneurs through my story and my expertise so that they too can overcome life's obstacles, succeed in business and grow their network and net worth.


What are the key differences between an Indonesian FDW and a Filipino FDW in terms of service?
Can I apply for a FDW?
How much levy must I pay?
Do I qualify for levy concession?
What are your standards and diligent process when selecting FDWs for employment in Singapore?
What is Faith Maid's policy on requests for immediate FDW placement arising from FDW transfers?
Can I interview the FDWs even if they are not in Singapore?
What happens if the FDW I employ does not meet my expectations?
After the FDW has started work, what after placement service can I expect from Faith Maid?
How many transfers am I entitled to and what are the fees?
How is Faith Maid different from any other Agency?
What are the accepted modes of payment?
Is there any advance payable and would the advance be refundable in the event the FDW is returned?

Contact Us

    • City Plaza Head Office
    • 810 Geylang Road
    • #01-28 City Plaza
    • Singapore 409286
    Phone Numbers:
    Opening Hours:
    • 9:30am – 8pm
    EA Personnel:
    • Reg No: R155082
    • Reg No: R1331682
    Useful Links:
    Indonesian Embassy
    • 7 Chatsworth Road
    • Singapore 249761
    • Tel: 6737-7422
    • Fax: 6737-5037
    Ministry of Manpower
    • The Riverwalk
    • 20 Upper Circular Road
    • #04-01/02, Singapore 05841
    • Tel: 6438 5122
    • FDW helpline: 1800 339 5505
    ICA (Immigration & Checkpoints Authority)
    • ICA Building
    • 10 Kallang Road
    • Singapore 208718
    • Tel: 6391 6100
    Consumers Association
    • 170 Ghim Moh Road
    • #05-01, Singapore 279621
    • Tel: 6463 1811